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Riot Accelerator Program

The RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) provides robust support for Internet of Things companies and intellectual property to commercialize products and bring them to market. The Spring 2019 program launched on January 14th and will run until April 5th. IoT startups and corporate innovation teams should apply to participate in the next iteration of the 12-week high-touch program.

The Spring 2019 cohort is currently in process. RIoT is not currently reviewing applications, but interested entrepreneurs/teams are welcome to download and review the application in preparation for our next application period. Stay tuned for more information about when RIoT will begin accepting applications for the next RAP cohort.

RIoT Timeline for Spring 2019 Cohort

RIoT Accelerator Program Alumni

The RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) facilitates entrepreneurial processes across the board, from research commercialization to startup growth, and including corporate innovation– with the opportunity for industry to seed the accelerator with market-driven problems they are motivated to solve through entrepreneurial partnerships or internal startup teams. RAP increases the impact of traditional accelerator programming by partnering startups with an industry consortium of more than 75 companies across the IoT value chain. Partners provide access to resources and investment capital necessary to launch new products and services.

Introduces startups to industry partners and customers

Provides access to an engineering prototyping lab and tools

Connects teams to the full IoT ecosystem of government, academic and industry collaborators

Over 4 years, RIoT supported 40 companies that have gone on to collectively raise over $275M and create more than 400 jobs in NC. Recognizing the opportunity to leverage this momentum, the EDA awarded RIoT an economic development grant to launch a formal accelerator program.

See the launch story here.

Who Should Apply?

Since its inception, RIoT has supported numerous startups–many of which would not be considered traditional IoT companies. RAP seeks innovation companies and entrepreneurs with great ideas that may or may not fit into the classic IoT framework.

RAP is stage and industry agnostic. Whether you are a startup, a motivated entrepreneur onto your next idea, or a part of a company interested in starting a project in an environment independent of the company structure, please apply. Strong applications demonstrate a market demand, ideal timing, and early validation or traction.

RIoT also matches industry-driven projects to talented entrepreneurs. Sponsor projects are unmet market opportunities, often with revenue expectation of $100 million annually or above. RIoT helps source project teams, so project sponsors or complementary technology applicants are encouraged to apply, and RIoT will facilitate team formation.

Team Requirements

Team size requirement: 2 full time preferred, 1 full time minimum.

Must be available to participate full time through the 3-month program. Content is a mix of required and optional programming and dedicated time to work on your company.


Download the application here. Once you complete the application, use our online form to submit your application.

RIoT is not currently reviewing applications. Stay tuned for more information about the launch of our next cohort.

RIoT markets
that will have
the greatest impact

  • Digital Health

  • Machine Learning

  • Asset Management

  • AI- Artificial Intelligence

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Data Analytics

  • Health & Fitness
  • Smart Cities

  • Blockchain

  • Smart Energy

“RIOT has opened many huge doors for us, including opportunities with some of the biggest players in the wireless space, entrepreneurial community and venture funding circles.”

 – Rich Brancaccio, CEO & Founder, Fokus Labs