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RIoT hosts multiple IoT focused education series known as RIoT ED. The goal is to help educate business leaders, developers, and engineers on the IoT economy, how to adapt, and how to scale.

Upcoming RALEIGH Lunch & Learns

To register for a Raleigh Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Raleigh Meetup page.

  • Drawing Basics: A 3-Point Perspective
    • RALEIGH, 06/27
    • Mike Laut, Owner and CEO of Laut Design, will demonstrate and teach how to effectively and efficiently put ideas to paper.
    • Mike moonlights as an adjunct professor at the College of Design at North Carolina State, and this Lunch and Learn will take the shape of one of his drawing classes.
  • Need to Move a lot of Cloud Data and Running Out of Space?
    • RALEIGH, 07/11
    • Need to move a lot of cloud data and running out of space?  Please join Sam Martin for a interconnect product update for ACES Electronics.
    • ACES NA BDM will review the advancements ACES is making with Flexible Printed Circuit, Wire to Board, and Board to Board Connectors.

Upcoming CHARLOTTE Lunch & Learns

To register for a Charlotte Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Charlotte Meetup page.

  • Nordic Semiconductor and Cellular IoT
    • CHARLOTTE, 06/04
    • Nordic Semiconductor, the industry leader in Bluetooth Low Energy and other 2.4GHz connectivity solutions, has recently launched a System-In-Package + software solution that supports cellular IoT.
    • As more and more applications look to include simple, ubiquitous connectivity, and as cellular carriers have globally introduced support for standards that enable this, Nordic has combined proven low power, low data rate, low cost technology with the industry’s most experienced LTE design capability to create a solution that supports LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GPS.
    • This Lunch & Learn will provide an overview of Nordic, focusing on our new nRF9160 cellular IoT platform, including an overview of features, tools, resources, and application support.

Upcoming DURHAM Lunch & Learns

To register for a Durham Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the RIoT Meetup page.

  • Doing Cross-Measurement Math in InfluxDB v2.0
    • DURHAM, 06/26
    • Previously, there was no means to do math across measurements in InfluxDB, making things like Digital Twins nearly impossible. All that has changed with InfluxDB 2.0!
    • Join David Simmons as he shows you how to do complex calculations across measurements in real time using InfluxDB 2 and the new Query Language Flux!
  • The Legal Lowdown on Startup Financing
    • DURHAM, 07/17
    • Join Jesse Jones, Founder and Lead Attorney of Fourscore Business Law, as he discusses the sources of financing available for startups and recommendations on which of those financing options to use.
    • Jesse will also give the inside scoop on what is needed to be prepared before talking to an investor.

Learn More about Our RIoT ED Project

RIoT connects technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professional tinkerers with a stake in the Internet of Things industry — and through RIoT ED, we hope to help these groups and their supporters learn new technologies and to create new opportunities.

Born from direct feedback from the RIoT community, RIoT ED consists of two different tracks: Developer Days and The MBA in IoT.

Our “Developer Days” provide an opportunity for engineers to touch and feel the latest IoT innovations directly from the companies building them. This workshop includes revolving sessions from 5 or more companies displaying their hardware and software.

This is for the hard core developer or engineer that is looking a few years into the future or actively working on an IoT project today.

RIoT caters a separate track for the business professionals and the non-engineers. Known as “The “MBA in IoT”, this four part program covers the overall IoT opportunity, technology components, data tools, and design practices required to be successful in the IoT economy.

Participants leave the class understanding how to scope and move forward with an IoT project.