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RIoT hosts multiple IoT focused education series known as RIoT ED. The goal is to help educate business leaders, developers, and engineers on the IoT economy, how to adapt, and how to scale.

RIoT ED currently hosts Lunch & Learns in:

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Upcoming RALEIGH Lunch & Learns

To register for a Raleigh Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Raleigh Meetup page.

  • The Role of Software in Driving Intuitive IoT Experiences
    • RALEIGH, 02/26
    • Drones, Wearables, Smart infrastructure; all of these things can be connected through the Internet of Things. But how can we make these connections more intuitive and beneficial for end-users? The answer is in the palm of your hands.
    • Mobile devices all use native hardware components such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and local caching for online/offline capabilities that immediately provide a more accessible way to control, exchange, and access your IoT ecosystem.
    • Join Lithios Apps to learn how the marriage of software and IoT leads to the best product experiences.
  • How to Get Funding for Your Startup
    • RALEIGH, 03/04
    • Funding is always a topic that is top of mind for founders. There are many strategies founders can take to secure funding from investors and also non dilutive options such as grants or pitch competitions.
    • Eva Doss, President & CEO at The Launch Place, will share insights on ways to get funding for your start-up, including:
      • Best way to approach an investor
      • Must haves for your pitch deck
      • Being well positioned for due-diligence
      • *If you attended this Lunch & Learn in October 2019, please be considerate and let others attend this session.*
  • Emerging Cellular Standards in IoT
    • RALEIGH, 03/11
    • While 5G Cellular has captured our attention with unprecedented Bandwidth and universal availability, serious developers of IoT Products are even more excited about the advantages like lower power and longer range that LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT are bringing to connected devices.
    • In this session, Arrow Electronics will explore how carriers are deploying these standards; What are the advantages and Disadvantages to other IoT Standards like Wif, LoRa and Bluetooth; The emerging Hardware that support these standards that can be integrated into your products; How to certify a product to work with Carriers; How to provision / obtain SIM cards and finally how to scale up once you begin to ship in volume.

Upcoming DURHAM Lunch & Learns

To register for a Durham Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the RIoT Meetup page.

More Durham Lunch & Learns will be announced soon—stay tuned!

Upcoming CHARLOTTE Lunch & Learns

To register for a Charlotte Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Charlotte Meetup page.

  • Breaking Down IoT “Plug and Play”
    • CHARLOTTE, 03/10
    • On the surface, enabling IoT sounds easy. The phrase “Plug and Play” is often used to describe the ease of deploying an IoT real time monitoring application. In reality, commercializing an E2E IoT solution requires a deeper understanding of all IoT eco-system components. Further complicating a successful IoT solution launch is that multiple companies may play a role in the final solution, each with a specialty focus on one or more parts of the eco-system.
    • Join Tony Sammarco, Director, Product Technology Strategy at Device Solutions to learn how the many components of an IoT solution must interwork in order to realize a sound ROI.
  • Data in Parsimony
    • CHARLOTTE, 03/24
    • How much do you remember from Geometry class? Moving beyond isosceles triangles, Torus applies topological data analysis approaches to a wide variety of real-world problems.
    • Join to learn how Torus leverages shape analytics to mitigate energy and communication bandwidth constraints, fuse heterogeneous data sets, and make the most out of sensor signals and resource-constrained systems.

Upcoming ATLANTA Lunch & Learns

To register for an Atlanta Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the RIoT Atlanta Meetup page.

  • Product Safety & You; the Last Thought in an IoT World
    • ATLANTA, 03/20
    • In the testing world, we see more and more people focus on the regulatory requirements from an FCC/wireless perspective and get blindsided by product safety. This forces them, in some cases, to go back to the drawing board.
    • In this talk, Amber Cobb of TÜV SÜD America will discuss the basics on Product Safety, determining its applicability, how to prepare, and give some useful tips.

Learn More about Our RIoT ED Project

RIoT connects technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professional tinkerers with a stake in the Internet of Things industry — and through RIoT ED, we hope to help these groups and their supporters learn new technologies and to create new opportunities.

Born from direct feedback from the RIoT community, RIoT ED consists of two different tracks: Developer Days and The MBA in IoT.

Our “Developer Days” provide an opportunity for engineers to touch and feel the latest IoT innovations directly from the companies building them. This workshop includes revolving sessions from 5 or more companies displaying their hardware and software.

This is for the hard core developer or engineer that is looking a few years into the future or actively working on an IoT project today.

RIoT caters a separate track for the business professionals and the non-engineers. Known as “The “MBA in IoT”, this four part program covers the overall IoT opportunity, technology components, data tools, and design practices required to be successful in the IoT economy.

Participants leave the class understanding how to scope and move forward with an IoT project.