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RIoT hosts multiple IoT focused education series known as RIoT ED. The goal is to help educate business leaders, developers, and engineers on the IoT economy, how to adapt, and how to scale.

Upcoming RALEIGH Lunch & Learns

To register for a Raleigh Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Raleigh Meetup page.

  • Certifications Beyond FCC
    • RALEIGH, 09/26
    • Many product categories are governed by agencies such as UL/CSA, IEC, NHTSA, VDE, NFPA and more letters than alphabet soup. How can you find out what agency approvals are necessary before your idea/product can go to market? What are some of the common requirements for a design and what are the costs to certify? Are there differences/commonalities around the globe?
    • Join Tim Sweet of DNA Group to explore these topics and hear recommendations for experienced contract design agencies and manufacturing partners.
  • Succession and Exit Planing
    • RALEIGH, 10/10
    • Are you thinking of selling your business?  Are you trying to raise money?  Are you ready to transition to the next generation?
    • If you are considering any of these options, then you won’t want to miss this presentation to learn about how to get your company ready for one of these events. We’ll discuss creating your story, putting together your team, risk areas, determining your financial performance, and potential tax considerations.
    • The presentation will be led by Anna Townsend, Director of Valuation Services for Cherry Bekaert. Ranked among the largest accounting and consulting firms in the country, Cherry Bekaert provides guidance and support that helps our clients move forward to reach their organizational goals. Anna Townsend specializes in valuations for financial reporting, tax and consulting purposes with a focus on private equity related transactions.

Upcoming CHARLOTTE Lunch & Learns

To register for a Charlotte Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Charlotte Meetup page.

    • CHARLOTTE, 10/22

Upcoming DURHAM Lunch & Learns

To register for a Durham Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the RIoT Meetup page.

  • How to Leverage IoT to Enhance Security & Simplify for Users
    • DURHAM, 10/09
    • When was the last time you found yourself locked out of your office because you time you forgot your keycard? How do you manage secure environments that require active oversight across checkpoints? How can we leverage IoT to not only enhance security, but also simplify it for users?
    • Join Grady Knight, Engineer & Entrepreneur at Smashing Boxes, for the answers to these questions and for a closer look at the *Smashing Labs innovation process. We will discuss the early stages of product development, from ideation to prototype.
    • *Every Friday, Smashing Boxes’ designers, developers, and digital gurus spend time tinkering in Smashing Labs to invent new products, services and experiences.

Learn More about Our RIoT ED Project

RIoT connects technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professional tinkerers with a stake in the Internet of Things industry — and through RIoT ED, we hope to help these groups and their supporters learn new technologies and to create new opportunities.

Born from direct feedback from the RIoT community, RIoT ED consists of two different tracks: Developer Days and The MBA in IoT.

Our “Developer Days” provide an opportunity for engineers to touch and feel the latest IoT innovations directly from the companies building them. This workshop includes revolving sessions from 5 or more companies displaying their hardware and software.

This is for the hard core developer or engineer that is looking a few years into the future or actively working on an IoT project today.

RIoT caters a separate track for the business professionals and the non-engineers. Known as “The “MBA in IoT”, this four part program covers the overall IoT opportunity, technology components, data tools, and design practices required to be successful in the IoT economy.

Participants leave the class understanding how to scope and move forward with an IoT project.