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RIoT hosts multiple IoT focused education series known as RIoT ED. The goal is to help educate business leaders, developers, and engineers on the IoT economy, how to adapt, and how to scale.

Upcoming RALEIGH Lunch & Learns

To register for a Raleigh Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Raleigh Meetup page.

  • Concept to Delivery
    • RALEIGH, 02/21
    • Join Tim Sweet, Solution Manager for DNA Group, as he reviews the requirements to move a product concept through the design, prototype, validation and launch phase for mass production along with some case studies of do’s and don’ts.
    • DNA Group is an integrated solutions provider disciplined in HMI, Connectivity, Smart Illumination, and Contract Manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience, DNA Group delivers powerful integrated solutions to global OEM brands and the next generation of market leaders, while successfully navigating the global marketplace and providing competitively priced components, assemblies, and solutions.
  • An Introduction to Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD)
    • RALEIGH, 02/28
    • A Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD) is a revolutionary concept that guides you toward innovation and helps you move beyond the norm of only improving current solutions. A JTBD is not a product, service, or a specific solution; it’s the higher purpose for which customers buy products, services, and solutions.
    • Join Emily Bhana, Managing Director of thoughtbot, as she shares how thoughtbot uses JTBD customer interviews to lead to more successful product design sprints and MVP prototypes for clients.
  • Getting Your IoT Devices to Mesh with Thread
    • RALEIGH, 03/07
    • Building for the Internet of Things is no longer about getting a single connected device online over a local Wi-Fi or even cellular connection. Increasingly, real IoT projects—be they for the smart home, smart factory, or shop floor—utilize a swarm of devices to interact with sensors, report status, and manage actuators. In these cases, the challenge isn’t just getting your devices online, but getting them to work together.
    • Thankfully, Thread and Particle Mesh makes dealing with swarms of devices straight forward—with cutting-edge open hardware and standards, developer-friendly APIs for managing devices, and a Device Cloud that serves as your all-powerful hive-mind.
    • In this session, Brandon Satrom of Particle will explore how mesh networking through Thread solves some of the hardest problems in the IoT space today, as well as how Particle Mesh leverages Thread to power its newest generation of connected devices.
  • IoT in the Wild
    • RALEIGH, 03/14
    • When it comes to environmental IoT (eIoT), It’s a jungle out there!  Join Jim Gray, founder of environmental IoT company Green Stream Technologies, as he shares his company’s insight into deploying ruggedized IoT solutions in the wild.
    • Green Stream’s flood monitoring and reporting system has to deal with the unique challenges of urban, rural and remote environments: extreme weather, critters and vandals (oh my!).
    • Jim will discuss strategies on how Green Stream develops reliable and robust solutions for their customers to deliver on the promise: “Green Stream advises when the water rises!”
  • How Much is Your Trademark Worth?
    • RALEIGH, 03/21
    • On Feb 12th, a North Carolina Federal Jury found Walmart Stores Inc. responsible for infringing a smaller chain’s “Backyard” trademark and liable for a total of $95.5M in damages. The damages include $45 million in royalties and $50 million in profits earned by Walmart.
    • Is your trademark as valuable? Your entire IP asset portfolio (patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright, proprietary data, etc.)?
    • During this Lunch & Learn, Dr. Qin will go over strategies on how to build up your IP assets in a cost-effective way. She will also share her experience on the pitfalls and mistakes a startup should watch for.
    • Dr. Letao Qin is a partner at Rimon P.C., a general practice law firm with offices across the country.  Dr. Qin specializes in IP protection strategies in the US and other major foreign jurisdictions.
  • System & Organization Control Reporting
    • RALEIGH, 03/28
    • System and Organization Control Reporting: What your security conscious and heavily regulated business partners will be asking for shortly (if they aren’t already!).
    • What is a SOC report? Why do I need one, and why won’t my auditors let me call this a “certification”?! How can I reduce the amount of time spent answering security questionnaires and complying with “right to audit” clauses from my customers?
    • Join Dan Sembler of Cherry Bekaert as he discusses the specifics of what SOC-1 and SOC-2 reports are, who is asking for them and what they tell business partners about YOU. Dan will also walk you through the process of issuing your first SOC report and how to use them to evaluate your vendors.

Upcoming CHARLOTTE Lunch & Learns

To register for a Charlotte Lunch & Learn, or to learn more, please visit the Charlotte Meetup page.

  • IoT in the Small Things
    • CHARLOTTE, 02/19
    • As the concept of “Internet of Things” has moved from buzzword to practical application, the desire to harness IoT’s full potential has ramped up significantly. What has made IoT a truly disruptive technology is its ability to be “scale-agnostic”: no matter the scope, IoT has a massive impact on the end user. Join Tom Ewing of Smashing Boxes for an interactive discussion on this topic and more! Smashing Boxes combines the potential of IoT with the preferred communication tool of many businesses, Slack, to create small applications that have big, everyday impact on users. By thinking small, IoT can become the most cost-effective solution to most problems.
  • Product Safety & You; the Last Thought in an IoT World
    • CHARLOTTE, 03/05
    • In the testing world, we see more and more people focus on the regulatory requirements from an FCC/wireless perspective and get blindsided by product safety. This forces them, in some cases, to go back to the drawing board.
    • During this Lunch & Learn, Amber Cobb of TUV SUD will discuss the basics on Product Safety, determining its applicability, how to prepare, and give some useful tips.
  • Edge-Controlled and Cloud-Connected Design Patterns
    • CHARLOTTE, 03/19
    • Autonomous vehicles, patient monitoring, the power grid and other industrial systems require millisecond response times and can’t rely on the cloud for live decision making. Round-trip latencies across the wide-area network mean those decisions arrive too late. For real-time response, sensor data must be shared and acted on at the local level. However, data that is not as time sensitive may need to be pooled via the cloud to work with back-end systems for billing, analytics, diagnostics, and other enterprise level applications. What are the recommended design patterns to satisfy both needs?
    • Join John Breitenbach of RTI for an overview of the “Big 3” architectural patterns recommended by the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC) Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA). A live walkthrough of the Layered Databus pattern will demonstrate real-time, millisecond control at the edge, coupled with enterprise connectivity all the way back to the web.

Learn More about Our RIoT ED Project

RIoT connects technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professional tinkerers with a stake in the Internet of Things industry — and through RIoT ED, we hope to help these groups and their supporters learn new technologies and to create new opportunities.

Born from direct feedback from the RIoT community, RIoT ED consists of two different tracks: Developer Days and The MBA in IoT.

Our “Developer Days” provide an opportunity for engineers to touch and feel the latest IoT innovations directly from the companies building them. This workshop includes revolving sessions from 5 or more companies displaying their hardware and software.

This is for the hard core developer or engineer that is looking a few years into the future or actively working on an IoT project today.

RIoT caters a separate track for the business professionals and the non-engineers. Known as “The “MBA in IoT”, this four part program covers the overall IoT opportunity, technology components, data tools, and design practices required to be successful in the IoT economy.

Participants leave the class understanding how to scope and move forward with an IoT project.