Demystifying the Patent Process, with John Sotomayor of SotoIP

John Sotomayor of SotoIP hears the same question a lot: "Can you take a look at my app and see if it's patentable?" John discussed the patent process at RIoT's most recent Lunch & Learn. He was realistic about the process - stressing that the most important question isn’t necessarily whether something is patentable or [...]

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Acting out IoT – A Live Example of How the Internet of Things Works

The RIoT community is quick to say that the Internet of Things is really about people - our innovations, our solutions, our partnerships. But Paul Peterson, Senior Field Applications Engineer with Arrow Electronics, took this a step further yesterday when he had the RIoT community act out an IoT device and network. Different people were [...]

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Tapping Beer: A Data Story

This article was originally published on Click here to check out the full post on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is flattening the supply chain and providing direct connection between producers and consumers that has never existed before.

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Want Smarter Cities with Smarter Startups? Try Durham’s Open Data Approach to Smart Government

This article was originally published on This is the latest contributor post from Tom Snyder, Executive Director of RIoT, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based network of technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, and entrepreneurs focused on growing Internet of Things opportunities regionally and nationally.  Data is fueling the fourth wave of the global economy. The [...]

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Are the Carolinas Leading the Next Industrial Revolution?

This article was originally published on This is the first in a series of posts by Tom Snyder, Executive Director of RIoT, which brings together technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, and entrepreneurs, to capture and create Internet of Things opportunities across the region.  Historians point to three times that technology advancements have fundamentally changed societal [...]

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Tom Snyder featured in 50th Anniversary Issue of “Computer”, The IEEE Computer Society’s Flagship Publication

One of the premiere academic journals in computing and engineering, IEEE Computer Society's journal Computer, recently released its 50th anniversary edition. The flagship publication chose a forward-looking theme to commemorate the anniversary: Computing: The Next 50 Years.  Executive Director of NC RIoT, Tom Snyder, was featured as a co-author of "The Internet of Everything", an [...]

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RIoT Group Spreading Wings with Events Beyond NC

This article was originally published by Rick Smith on If there is anything in tech growing as fast as IoT, it may be RIoT. From launch just two years ago to more than 3,000 members, a growing list of sponsors - and now even more more big shows. RIoT, the rapidly growing Internet of Things grassroots [...]

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