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Annual Product Innovation Lab Student Showcase Brings Collaboration Across Colleges

Over the past semester, the Jenkins MBA practicum Product Innovation Lab course, MBA 555, was open to NC State’s business, design, engineering and textile colleges. The students have spent the past four months innovating, designing and building viable business concepts and working prototypes. The faculty team for 2019 that guided the students in their semester-long [...]

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Is NC ‘ecosysteming’? RIoT evaluates efforts to coordinate entrepreneurship across the state

Last week, NC IDEA led a two-day, statewide entrepreneurship conference that attracted nearly 500 attendees. One of the speakers, Craig Buerstatte with the Economic Development Administration in Washington DC, noted that it was the first ever state-wide entrepreneurship summit in the United States. A number of nationally known speakers and educators attended the energized inaugural [...]

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Ways to help RIoT’s most diverse startup cohort yet.

RIoT's current cohort of startups is our most diverse yet. Representing different industries, hailing from different states, and many led by veteran and underrepresented founders—our current cohort of eight IoT-focused companies is showcasing the spectrum of Internet of Things applications. Here are some ways you can support them. Attend PITCH NIGHT on Nov. 19th The [...]

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RIoT Brings Cybersecurity Discussion to DC, Talks Government IoT Projects and Data Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) — both the promise of the future and the biggest vulnerability of the data age. Collecting data about everyone and everything through IoT can create a higher resolution picture of the world. But that same picture can expose individuals’ data, potentially sacrificing privacy and security for government intel or corporate [...]

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Meet the Speakers for RIoT XXXVII

From cybersecurity initiatives to smart city pilot projects, Washington DC's IoT ecosystem is thriving. And this week, RIoT is hosting RIoT XXXVI: Civic, Military, & Government and IoT in DC, to hear from the innovators who are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution in the capital city. Meet the speakers for RIoT XXXVII, hosted Tuesday, September 17th in [...]

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Representing RIoT at SelectUSA Summit 2019 in DC

Had a chance this morning to speak on a panel with four ecosystem drivers from across the US. The best part? Afterward, an entrepreneur from Romania approached and shared that his startup was relocating to the US. He said that after our panel, he was considering Raleigh. "We need app developers, UX people," he said, [...]

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RIoT Accelerator Program – Applications Open!

RIoT is accepting applications for the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) - now through June 30th. Don't miss this chance to apply for RIoT's high-touch 12-week accelerator, designed specifically for startups related to IoT. View the FAQs and the application requirements here. ###

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Meet Your Pitch Night Judges

A panel of all-star judges will select the next winner of the RIoT Championship Belt. Join us at Marbles Kids Museum on April 10th for the second RIoT Accelerator Program II (RAP) Pitch Night! This event is FREE but pre-registration is required.  THE JUDGES: A panel of all-star judges will select the next winner of the RIoT Championship Belt, including: Eva [...]

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RIoT Tackles Sports/Entertainment IoT Topic in Atlanta – RECAP

Addressing a crowd of over 100 participants and exhibitors, three speakers highlighted how disruptive tech is changing the face of the sports & entertainment industries. RIoT XXXIII was held at Atlanta Tech Village on Tuesday night, and topics included: Recapping the flexible network that powered the Atlanta Super Bowl Looking at tech that will impact [...]

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RIoT at SXSW: #Raleigh2SXSW Features Tom Snyder as SXSW Panel Moderator

Tom Snyder is leading the How IoT is Shaping the Future of Cities panel at SXSW on MAR 9, 2019 | 12:30PM – 1:30PM, presented by Amplify Philly MODERATOR: TOM SNYDER, RIoT SPEAKERS DON COLEMAN, Chariot Solutions MAIA OTTENSTEIN, Thomas Jefferson University / Jefferson Health Adam Covati, Bandwidth The Internet of Things has been part of manufacturing, [...]

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Demystifying the Patent Process, with John Sotomayor of SotoIP

John Sotomayor of SotoIP hears the same question a lot: "Can you take a look at my app and see if it's patentable?" John discussed the patent process at RIoT's most recent Lunch & Learn. He was realistic about the process - stressing that the most important question isn’t necessarily whether something is patentable or [...]

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Acting out IoT – A Live Example of How the Internet of Things Works

The RIoT community is quick to say that the Internet of Things is really about people - our innovations, our solutions, our partnerships. But Paul Peterson, Senior Field Applications Engineer with Arrow Electronics, took this a step further yesterday when he had the RIoT community act out an IoT device and network. Different people were [...]

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Speakers Announced for Intelligent Infrastructures Forum with Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Feb. 15

Join RIoT and Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) for a half-day workshop event on February 15 in Raleigh, NC. This event is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required. IIC officially published the speaker list earlier today: Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium Tom Snyder, Executive Director, RIoT Wael William Diab, Senior [...]

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Potentially lethal phone chargers? RIoT Lunch & Learn focuses on product safety.

Here’s a word of warning before you bargain-hunt your next phone accessory: A 2016 UL technical investigation of 400 fake Apple chargers found that 99 percent failed a basic safety test. All but three of the 400 off-brand chargers were potentially hazardous and 12 “were so poorly designed and constructed that they posed a risk [...]

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Floods, Sleep and Cremation: Introducing the Latest RAP Startups

In 2019, RIoT continues our commitment to support high-potential startups. Entrepreneurs who are pursuing groundbreaking IoT business opportunities are essential parts of growing our ecosystem and further solidify our region as the global center of excellence for IoT. To that end, we are excited to announce the incoming cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP). [...]

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Tinkerers and Hackers of IoT: Motor Demos at RIoT Lunch and Learn

Garage experimenters are to thank for tech we love today—after all, Homebrew Computer Club members paved the way from the 1976 Apple I to today's iPhone XS. But there's a big difference in 70's tech and today's devices: most of our modern products are closed. Our laptops are cased in beautiful plastic, and we almost [...]

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RIoT Partners with NC State Product Innovation Lab, Highlights Students’ Startup Concepts

RIoT and NC State's student showcase event was yesterday evening, and the innovative graduate student teams were profiled in today's WRAL TechWire post. "In partnership with RIoT, a crowd packed The Cannon Room in downtown Raleigh on Tuesday night to check out the latest class projects, with attendees given 'investor dollars' to invest in preferred [...]

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$10 Million Worth of Pitch Deck Advice – Today’s RIoT Lunch & Learn with The Launch Place

According to Kelly Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager at The Launch Place, some advice for creating pitch decks is painfully obvious: Make it crystal clear what your company does. Be explicit about the problem you're solving—why would people trade money for what you offer? And most important—be direct about your ask. What do you need? How will [...]

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RIoT is Growing; Welcome Dr. Sarah Glova to the Team

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sarah Glova to the team. Sarah joins as RIoT’s first Director of Communications & Growth. Sarah will be directly supporting RIoT’s 75+ sponsors, helping to architect RIoTs and partner events, leading marketing and communication efforts, and supporting RIoT’s mission of capturing and growing IoT opportunities. We asked Sarah a [...]

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Bridging the blockchain knowledge gap at Gig East

Check out this article featured on WRAL TechWire on the Blockchain experts panel at Gig East. Click here to check out the post and read more on what panelists had to say about blockchain and its impact on cryptocurrency.

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Mainspire at RIoT Lunch & Learn—Event Recap from Tech & Wisdom

Our RIoT Lunch & Learn session on September 27th, 2018 featured industry veteran Sarah LaLiberte from Mainspire, who talked about the role that networking, joint ventures, marketing, alliances, and standards play in making a good idea great and a business venture successful. The Tech & Wisdom blog by Keith Washo posted a writeup of the event, which [...]

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The RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP): Applications Now Open!

RIoT is now accepting applications for the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) Spring 2019 cohort. IoT startups and corporate innovation teams should apply to participate in the 12-week high-touch program. The application deadline is Friday November 9 at 5pm EST. The RAP Spring 2019 program will run from January 14th to April 5th. RAP provides robust [...]

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RIoT throws a bash for ‘Pitch Night’

RIoT was featured on WRAL TechWire in this post about RIoT's most recent Pitch Night. Click here to check out the post and to view photos of the event.

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Upon rocks such as Larry Steffann today’s tech Triangle was built

RIoT was featured on WRAL TechWire in this post about the passing of the founder of NC RIoT, and our friend, Larry Steffann. Click here to check out the post and to remember an entrepreneur, innovator, pioneer and public servant who helped make the Triangle as we know it today a reality.

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