Sep 20, 2019

RIoT Brings Cybersecurity Discussion to DC, Talks Government IoT Projects and Data Privacy

2019-09-20T20:47:47+00:00September 20th, 2019|

The Internet of Things (IoT) — both the promise of the future and the biggest vulnerability of the data age. Collecting data about everyone and everything through IoT can create a higher resolution picture of the world. But that same picture can expose individuals’ data, potentially sacrificing privacy and security for government intel or corporate [...]

Sep 17, 2019

Meet the Speakers for RIoT XXXVII

2019-09-17T18:29:20+00:00September 17th, 2019|

From cybersecurity initiatives to smart city pilot projects, Washington DC's IoT ecosystem is thriving. And this week, RIoT is hosting RIoT XXXVI: Civic, Military, & Government and IoT in DC, to hear from the innovators who are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution in the capital city. Meet the speakers for RIoT XXXVII, hosted Tuesday, September 17th in [...]

Sep 17, 2019

WRAL Techwire: “RIoT, TiE Carolinas team up for pitch event with 6 women founders”

2019-09-17T11:43:51+00:00September 17th, 2019|

Featured in WRAL Techwire – Six women founders in the Triangle are set to pitch their startups on Wednesday at PitchFest, an event co-hosted by RIoT and TiE Carolinas. RIoT is the regional Internet of Things users group; TiE stands for the IndUS Entrepreneurs. This is the first time the two organizations have partnered for an [...]

Aug 28, 2019

WRAL TechWire: “Here’s a look at entrepreneurs’ projects aiming to boost local governments”

2019-08-28T14:59:56+00:00August 28th, 2019|

This article was originally published in WRAL Techwire on August 28th. by Tom Snyder, Executive Director, RIoT — August 28, 2019 . RALEIGH – For the past eight years, local volunteers have coordinated civic entrepreneurship across the region, merging efforts under the nonprofit NC Open Pass. Here are projects presented Tuesday night from entrepreneurs aiming to help local [...]

Aug 26, 2019

Standing in Pendo’s Growing Shadow, Raleigh’s Candidates for Mayor Describe City “at a Crossroads”

2019-08-26T14:28:54+00:00August 26th, 2019|

Innovate Raleigh’s meet-the-candidates forum was held Tuesday, August 15th at Pendo’s Fayetteville Street office. The six potential mayors spoke in unison about one theme: Raleigh is at a crossroads.  Caroline Sullivan, a former Wake County commissioner, said residents were at a “crossroads for our future.” Justin Sutton, a 30-year-old procurement attorney for the state of [...]

Aug 7, 2019

RIoT picks eight Internet of Things startups from across US for accelerator program

2019-08-07T11:13:44+00:00August 7th, 2019|

This article was published in WRAL TechWire on August 6th. RIoT’s Fall 2019 RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) includes Internet of Things companies that are tackling everything from taking down pesky backyard pests to better protecting newborns in the NICU. The RIoT Accelerator Program is industry and stage agnostic, but we are looking for interesting, viable IoT solutions [...]

Jul 24, 2019

Tom Snyder featured on Spaces and Places podcast with Site 1001

2019-07-24T18:27:56+00:00July 24th, 2019|

Spaces and Places is the podcast about how Site 1001 uses AI to revolutionize buildings. Site 1001's platform helps property owners and operators lower costs, improve performance and increase value. Join us for their latest episode, Spaces and Places Podcast: Everything is Connected with Tom Snyder, featuring RIoT's Executive Director Tom Snyder. Spaces and Places [...]

Jul 1, 2019

WRAL TechWire: “Cities Discuss ‘Smart,’ What’s Next for Smart City Tech & Partnerships”

2019-07-01T21:01:08+00:00July 1st, 2019|

RALEIGH – Marketers have decided we live in the age of “smart.” Phones are smart phones, watches are smart watches—even trash cans can now be smart trash cans. Thanks to advanced sensor, wireless, and data analytics technologies, it’s possible for almost any product or service to become “smart.” Even places are upping their IQ — [...]

Jun 17, 2019

RIoT’s Sarah Glova interviewed by Town of Morrisville Council Member Steve Rao on Radio Mirchi USA, The Triangle’s Largest South Asian Radio Station

2019-07-01T20:16:26+00:00June 17th, 2019|

Listen in to South Asia's Hottest Music Radio Station Online, Radio Mirchi! City of Morrisville Council Member Steve Rao interviews RIoT's Director of Growth & Communication, Dr. Sarah Glova, about the IoT ecosystem in the Southeastern United States and about upcoming smart city initiatives. "What is RIoT? RIoT, first of all, is a nonprofit. Second, [...]

Jun 10, 2019

Representing RIoT at SelectUSA Summit 2019 in DC

2019-07-01T20:08:50+00:00June 10th, 2019|

Had a chance this morning to speak on a panel with four ecosystem drivers from across the US. The best part? Afterward, an entrepreneur from Romania approached and shared that his startup was relocating to the US. He said that after our panel, he was considering Raleigh. "We need app developers, UX people," he said, [...]

May 24, 2019

RIoT Accelerator Program – Applications Open!

2019-07-01T20:09:09+00:00May 24th, 2019|

RIoT is accepting applications for the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) - now through June 30th. Don't miss this chance to apply for RIoT's high-touch 12-week accelerator, designed specifically for startups related to IoT. View the FAQs and the application requirements here. ###

Apr 16, 2019

Irish Tech News Business Showcase: “Why Smart City Initiatives are Taking Off”

2019-07-01T20:26:42+00:00April 16th, 2019|

RIoTers, thanks for cheering on RIoT's recent Ireland event - we're proud that 2019 is the year the RIoT community went international. (RIoT's Executive Director Tom Snyder spoke at IoTWorldForum in Limerick, Ireland with IEEE.) During the trip, Irish Tech News Business Showcase published a profile of Tom and of RIoT's IoT-focused mission. Read more [...]

Apr 11, 2019

GrepBeat: “Green Stream Technologies Wins RIoT’s Second Accelerator Pitch Contest”

2019-07-01T20:14:15+00:00April 11th, 2019|

Featured in GrepBeat: Green Stream Technologies Wins RIoT’s Second Accelerator Pitch Contest April 11, 2019 By Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez Instead of its usual crowd of curious children, on Wednesday night Raleigh’s Marbles Kids Museum was filled with investors and entrepreneurs gathering for RIoT’s Pitch Night, the second that followed the RIoT Accelerator Program and sixth overall. [...]

Apr 9, 2019

Meet Your Pitch Night Judges

2019-07-01T20:14:43+00:00April 9th, 2019|

A panel of all-star judges will select the next winner of the RIoT Championship Belt. Join us at Marbles Kids Museum on April 10th for the second RIoT Accelerator Program II (RAP) Pitch Night! This event is FREE but pre-registration is required.  THE JUDGES: A panel of all-star judges will select the next winner of the RIoT Championship Belt, including: Eva [...]

Mar 29, 2019

RIoT Tackles Sports/Entertainment IoT Topic in Atlanta – RECAP

2019-07-01T20:14:58+00:00March 29th, 2019|

Addressing a crowd of over 100 participants and exhibitors, three speakers highlighted how disruptive tech is changing the face of the sports & entertainment industries. RIoT XXXIII was held at Atlanta Tech Village on Tuesday night, and topics included: Recapping the flexible network that powered the Atlanta Super Bowl Looking at tech that will impact [...]

Mar 13, 2019

RIoT Underground in SXSW – From the Tradeshow Floor Talking Ec. Development and Tech

2019-07-01T20:15:52+00:00March 13th, 2019|

This episode comes to you from the middle of the Exhibit Floor at South by Southwest (SXSW). We discuss what it's like to be at this interdisciplinary conference in Austin, Texas and bring you some of the stories of tech and innovation that we've seen. The episode is now live, and available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify: [...]

Mar 12, 2019

RIoT Underground in SXSW – Podcast episode about SX and IoT

2019-07-01T20:15:18+00:00March 12th, 2019|

RIoT Underground is a podcast about innovators changing the world with disruptive technology. What better place to talk about that than Austin during SXSW? But to bring RIoT Studios to Austin, we needed some help. We partnered with Amplify Philly and their production team at Mid Atlantic FX, recording a four-person podcast episode on the [...]

Mar 12, 2019

First in Future Podcast Interviews Sarah Glova

2019-07-01T20:16:15+00:00March 12th, 2019|

The NC State Institute for Emerging Issues podcast, First in Future, recently featured an interview with RIoT's Sarah Glova. The episode focused on IoT, innovative technology, smart cities, and concerns about data privacy and job security. The host, IEI Director Leslie Boney, Sarah also mentioned many of the North Carolina organizations that helped her get [...]

Mar 8, 2019

WRAL Techwire: “On SXSW – Diversity, Tech Inclusion, & Raleigh”

2019-07-01T20:26:56+00:00March 8th, 2019|

WRAL TechWire asked RIoT Executive Director Tom Synder to set the stage for the Internet of Things discussions taking place in coming days during South by Southwest. Synder, who is speaking at the event, wrote this post while en route to the Texas haven of tech and culture.  There are few topics that dominate today’s [...]

Mar 7, 2019

RIoT Underground Podcast Hits 200 Plays in 1st Week!

2019-07-01T20:17:48+00:00March 7th, 2019|

The RIoT Underground podcast has been live a WEEK and we’ve had almost 200 PLAYS. Thanks, RIoT community! If you haven’t tuned in yet, binge now - episode #5 is out today. In RIoT Underground’s short, topic-focused episodes, we talk tech and ideas from innovators who are changing the world with disruptive technology. If you [...]

Mar 7, 2019

RIoT at SXSW: #Raleigh2SXSW Features Tom Snyder as SXSW Panel Moderator

2019-07-01T20:18:09+00:00March 7th, 2019|

Tom Snyder is leading the How IoT is Shaping the Future of Cities panel at SXSW on MAR 9, 2019 | 12:30PM – 1:30PM, presented by Amplify Philly MODERATOR: TOM SNYDER, RIoT SPEAKERS DON COLEMAN, Chariot Solutions MAIA OTTENSTEIN, Thomas Jefferson University / Jefferson Health Adam Covati, Bandwidth The Internet of Things has been part of manufacturing, [...]

Feb 26, 2019

Next Generation Cities: “Guest Blog – Featuring Wilson NC Greenlight Community Broadband”

2019-07-01T20:18:43+00:00February 26th, 2019|

An innovative new training program in Wilson, NC was recently highlighted by the Next Generation Cities blog: Wilson not only is North Carolina’s first gigabit city, now it is the state’s first gigabit city that has started a “Fiber Optics Basics” training course with its community college. On January 16, Wilson Greenlight, the city’s community-owned [...]

Feb 17, 2019

Media Coverage for RIoT-Supported Startups

2019-07-01T20:19:43+00:00February 17th, 2019|

Four local startups pitched their products in front of a panel of Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) judges at a pitch competition hosted by RIoT at HQ Raleigh on Tuesday evening. In the end, BruVue, a platform that provides real-time tracking of inventory and beer keg levels for bar managers, won first prize: a small industry membership with IIC. More [...]

Feb 12, 2019

WRAL Techwire: “Community initiatives share a vision for North Carolina at IEI Forum”

2019-07-01T20:27:09+00:00February 12th, 2019|

WRAL Techwire recently published a feature about the ReCONNECT NC Forum, hosted by NC State's Institute for Emerging Issues. The feature was written by Sarah Glova, Director of Growth & Communications for RIoT. Leaders from across North Carolina joined the ReCONNECT NC forum on Monday in Raleigh. The forum was presented by NC State University’s Institute [...]

Feb 12, 2019

WRAL TechWire: “4 startups to pitch Industrial Internet Consortium judges at RIoT event”

2019-07-01T20:27:20+00:00February 12th, 2019|

WRAL TechWire has published a preview to the 2019 RIoT/IIC Pitch Night event. The article, published by journalist Shannon Cuthrell, outlines the four companies set to pitch at the event and highlights the judges panel. Four local IoT companies are set to pitch their products Tuesday evening in front of a panel of industry leaders at [...]

Feb 12, 2019

Demystifying the Patent Process, with John Sotomayor of SotoIP

2019-07-01T20:20:51+00:00February 12th, 2019|

John Sotomayor of SotoIP hears the same question a lot: "Can you take a look at my app and see if it's patentable?" John discussed the patent process at RIoT's most recent Lunch & Learn. He was realistic about the process - stressing that the most important question isn’t necessarily whether something is patentable or [...]

Jan 29, 2019

Who holds the key to the Gigabit City? That answer and more, plus 200+ pictures from RIoT XXX.

2019-07-01T20:22:16+00:00January 29th, 2019|

In a gigabit society, every home, business, vehicle, and mobile device will be tapping speeds of up to 1000 Mbps—40x faster than today’s basic broadband. RIoT has been asking, “What will it take to get there?” At RIoT XXX Smart and Connected Gigabit Cities, a partnership event hosted by RIoT, NCNGN, and US Ignite, speakers [...]

Jan 25, 2019

Acting out IoT – A Live Example of How the Internet of Things Works

2019-07-01T20:24:12+00:00January 25th, 2019|

The RIoT community is quick to say that the Internet of Things is really about people - our innovations, our solutions, our partnerships. But Paul Peterson, Senior Field Applications Engineer with Arrow Electronics, took this a step further yesterday when he had the RIoT community act out an IoT device and network. Different people were [...]