Reverse-pitch competition matches connection Qs with gigabit As

This article was originally published by Ann-Marie Grissino on Imagine entering your home, lights and A/C perfectly timed to come on, your smart phone having searched for and now playing your favorite music, and searches across smart TVs in your home resulting in techno news scheduled to start after dinner. All your smart devices are connected [...]

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Gigabit ‘Reverse Pitch’ kickoff event draws statewide audience

Thanks to WRAL Techwire for publishing this article on our Gigabit 'Reverse Pitch' kickoff event. ————————— Over 300 people across the state came together via simulcast last night for a RIoT event supporting US Ignite’s national Gigabit Reverse Pitch initiative in North Carolina. Initiated by North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) in partnership with New [...]

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