The Photo Recap of RIoT XIII

Last night's RIoT was incredibly fun. Counting all demo companies and RIoTers in attendance, we surpassed 800 people. Collectively we consumed 937 BBQ sliders, 579 five alarm chicken wings, 499 grilled cheeses, and kicked three kegs in 45 minutes. Well done, RIoTers, well done. We'll share a more thorough recap of the event next week. [...]

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RIoT XIII Shapes Up As Largest RIoT Event Ever

Thanks to WRAL Techwire for publishing our preview and pre-summary of RIoT XIII. It's our biggest RIoT event ever, and the single largest IoT demo showcase on a single night in the country. Credit goes to the RIoT community for making this the size it is! --------------------------- Wednesday night's RIoT XIII Demo Showcase will be [...]

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RIoT & Bright Wolf in Huffington Post

To help gauge the impact of last week's DDoS attack on Dyn and the IoT community, Huffington Post Beverly Macy reached out RIoT for guidance. The original article lives here, and also below. We snuck in a mention of local IoT favorite Bright Wolf, too. Did Baby Monitors Really Cause The Internet To Go Down? - [...]

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RIoT XIII Demo Companies at All Things Open

RIoT XIII Demo Night at All Things Open is shaping up to be our biggest RIoT event to date. A big driver of the size of the event is that we'll hit 60+ companies demoing over 100 IoT products. Here's a snapshot of what attendees can expect to see, touch, and feel. It's not too [...]

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